Create Intern Profile

Today, an intern can work part-time or full-time at the company for a specified period. An internship also allows people to “try out” a job or industry to see if it is the right fit for them, it helps them to gain experience, learn new skills, and grow their resume. 

To get on board as an Intern on Ditansource click on the profile icon on the top right corner to reach the create profile page.

Now create a profile by filling in all the required information correctly and keep clicking on next till you reach the end.

Please make sure that all the information filled in is correct, as the application will go through a screening process to get approved. So please be careful while entering the credentials like Education, Work Experience, Skill Set, etc.

Remember the better the profile, the more the likelihood of being selected for internships. Once all the details are entered just click on Submit. That’s it now the profile is complete and ready to be screened.

After getting approved they are free to apply to any internship of their liking, and if their profile gets enough stars and points they might just receive an invitation from the client themselves.