Create Client Profile

Ditansource helps you find the right people with professional experience and skill set. We give them a score based on their performance and overall expertise, so you can be reassured in making your choice.

Get on board as a Client on Ditansource, click on “Get Professionals” on the navigation bar to reach the Client profile page.

Now create a client profile by entering some basic information about yourself. 

Please make sure that all the information filled in is correct, as the application will go through a screening process to get approved. Hence, be careful while filling out all the details like Company Name, Tax Information, etc.

Once the profile is verified and has been approved, then projects can be added by selecting the ‘Add a Project’ option under the Client Pad tab.


Add the project details like the type of skill required, payment details and a detailed description of what the project entails and the role a freelancer/intern will play in it.

If the project is an Internship, check the ‘Is an Internship’ box to make it available for the Interns.

To keep track of every project and internship, they can be viewed all together under the ‘Project’ option in the Client Pad tab.



The Ongoing Projects and Internships are handled separately. They can be found under ‘Ongoing Projects’ and ‘Ongoing Internships’ respectively.