Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions What is Ditansource? Ditansource is a global online platform that connects businesses and independent professionals commonly referred to as freelancers or interns. […]

Sign Up With Email Verification

Sign Up With Email Verification To join our ever-growing Ditansource family, please register on our website by clicking the Sign-Up button in the top right corner[…]

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication Adding 2-factor authentication (2FA) to your online accounts can significantly improve your account security and protect your personal information from being accessed […]

Create A New Job (Project)

Create A New Job Getting your project completed from the right resource with optimum price and reliability is now easier with Ditansource. Once you have […]

Apply For A Job Easily

Apply For A Job Applying for a job is very easy on Ditansource. After creating a freelancer profile and getting it verified, go to the […]

Create Intern Profile

Create Intern Profile Today, an intern can work part-time or full-time at the company for a specified period. An internship also allows people to “try […]

Create Client Profile

Create Client Profile Ditansource helps you find the right people with professional experience and skill set. We give them a score based on their performance […]

Create Freelancer Profile

Create Freelancer Profile Freelancing has many advantages, like being able to work from home at any time. But finding projects to work on can be […]

Add Milestones To Your Project

Add Milestones Milestones are specific, measurable goals or checkpoints that are set within a project. They break down the overall project into smaller, more manageable […]

Make Payment for the Milestones

Payment Process As a client, if you want to pay for a milestone you can follow the steps given below. To pay for a milestone […]

Transfer Money to Your Account

Transfers Transfer of money from Ditansource wallet to your account is too easy. To transfer or withdraw funds to your account, please click on your […]

Create Anywhere Office

Anywhere Office Now you can contact us for ditansource office, by sharing some simple details to set up an office anywhere. To set up this […]