Create Freelancer Profile

Freelancing has many advantages, like being able to work from home at any time. But finding projects to work on can be difficult. There is either no secure payment method or the skills don’t match, many problems can occur. All this is solved by Ditansource.

So get on board as a Freelancer on Ditansource, click on “Get Work” on the navigation bar to reach the Freelancer profile page.

Now create a profile by filling out all the required information correctly and keep clicking on next till you reach the end.

Please make sure that all the information filled in is correct, as the application will go through a screening process to get approved. Hence, be careful while entering credentials like Education, Work Experience, Skill Set etc.

Remember the better the profile, the more is the likelihood of being selected for projects. Once all the details are entered, just click on Submit. That’s it now the profile is complete and ready to be screened.

After getting approved, feel free to apply to any project, and if the profile receives enough stars and points, clients might send an invitation  themselves. So make sure to fill out all the details in detail and with correct information.